About Me


    Hello! I'm Muradil, a fourth year Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo.

    I'm an avid learner and with an interest in solving complex problems in the field of Software Engineering. I am also an experienced developer in JavaScript, Python, and C/C++ and always looking to learn more! My objective is to always meet the highest standards, learn new skills and technologies, and improve existing ones.

    In my free time I like to relax by playing guitar, learning new recipes, or playing video games!

    Currently in search of full-time oppurtunities for 2023!

    Work Experience

    Sony Interactive Entertainment - PlayStationSoftware Engineer Intern

    Jan - April 2022

    • Enhanced functionality within the PS4 Store by efficiently resolving defects and implementing features using JavaScript
    • Implemented a history management system to control navigation for a portion of the PS4 Store to ensure a smooth user experience
    • Spearheaded investigation into the navigation system of the PS4 Store to improve and document navigational functionality
    • Increased automation test coverage and improved the framework's testing capabilities for new UI components using pytest
    • Awarded $1500 for First Prize in SIE's 12th Hackathon out of 170 teams with innovative software application design



    • Python
    • OpenCV
    • Raspberry Pi

    Designed and developed a device to translate physical text to braille in real-time using computer vision and deep learning

    RISC-V Processor

    • Verilog

    Implemented a 5-stage multi-cycle pipelined RISC-V microprocessor with forwarding and bypassing using Verilog

    Mechanical Keyboard

    • Atmega32A
    • KiCAD
    • AutoCAD

    Custom mechanical keyboard PCB with features such as USB-C, over-current, over-voltage, and ESD protection

    Kirsch Edge Detector

    • VHDL

    Designed and implemented a Kirsch edge detector algorithm to detect edges in 8-bit gray scale images using VHDL

    Real-Time Executive

    • C
    • Assembly
    • ARM Cortex-A9

    Real-Time Executive (RTX) that provides real-time scheduling, dynamic memory management, inter-task communication, and more

    Automatic Door Opener

    • C
    • STM32F401RE
    • Proteus

    Automatic door opener with programmable speed and proximity trigger levels to limit contact due to COVID-19

    Sorting Visualizer

    • Vue.js

    Single page application capable of visualizing various sorting algorithms

    Hand Gesture Detector

    • Python
    • OpenCV
    • Keras
    • TensorFlow

    Convolution Neural Network capable of clasifying various hand signs through ingesting a live video feed

    Laser Object Detector

    • C
    • Raspberry Pi

    Motion detection device to track objects entering and leaving a finite space

    Solar Tracker

    • Arduino Uno

    Single axis solar tracker built to optimize power yield of solar panels by tracking the sun's movement

    Contact me

    I'm currently looking for full-time opportunities for 2023. Please contact me if you're interested or if you just want to chat!